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Is NeoGraft Cheaper Than FUE for Hair Transplantation? How Much Does It Cost?

Is NeoGraft Cheaper Than FUE for Hair Transplantation?

If you’re struggling with hair loss and think hair restoration surgery is right for you, then you’re probably wondering, “Is NeoGraft cheaper than FUE?”

With so many methods available, it’s important to know which procedure reigns supreme. Here’s what experts want you to know about a NeoGraft hair transplant and its cost!

What Is NeoGraft? Is It Better Than FUE?

NeoGraft is a hair transplantation procedure that transfers healthy hair follicles, typically from the back or sides of your head, to balding areas of your scalp. This particular surgery uses an upgraded, semi-automated version of follicular unit excision, or FUE for short.

FUE takes individual hair follicles from your skin and implants them elsewhere, making the hair in an area look fuller and healthier. It’s a popular replacement for follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which tends to look less natural and poses more complications.

NeoGraft has taken FUE and elevated it by automating the process and removing the human error associated with traditional FUE or FUT techniques. NeoGraft reduces trauma to the hair follicles, is performed faster than standard follicular unit excision, and holds a lower risk for complications.

Is NeoGraft Cheaper Than FUE? What Can I Expect to Pay?

It’s safe to say that NeoGraft is certainly better than FUE as it is simply an upgraded FUE procedure, but is it cheaper? You get what you pay for with both, which is to say that NeoGraft isn’t cheaper than manual follicular unit excision, but that it’s well worth the price.

The cost of NeoGraft is around $9,775 on average. It can range pretty significantly, starting as low as $5,000 to over $15,000. The standard price for FUE is $4,975, and it can reach more than $13,000.

Cost depends on how many follicles you have transported, so the higher the number of transplants, the higher the cost.

Since NeoGraft reduces the risk for complications or damage to your hair follicles, meaning your overall chance for success is much higher, both doctors and patients agree that it’s worth it compared to traditional follicular unit excision.

Is NeoGraft Covered By Health Insurance?

Hair loss is caused by a variety of things, including medical conditions, however that doesn’t mean health insurance will cover your hair transplantation procedure. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll receive any coverage at all, since NeoGraft is viewed as a purely cosmetic surgery.

If you’re concerned about funding your procedure, ask your hair loss specialist about financing plans for affordable monthly payments, as well as about bundling your NeoGraft sessions for a lower overall price.

How Long Does It Take to See Results After a NeoGraft Procedure?

NeoGraft results achieved are sensational, but they do take time to see as does any transplant method. You should keep in mind that NeoGraft may need to be performed in more than one session if you can’t or don’t want to participate in a multi-hour procedure.

Most patients only need two to three days of recovery time. From there, healing and hair restoration begins. Your hair may appear thinner or fall out initially, so don’t panic! This is totally normal and doesn’t indicate an unsuccessful surgery.

You’ll start seeing optimal hair growth in six months to a year after your hair restoration procedure.

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