Earlobe Repair Q&A

What is Earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair involves surgically treating the earlobe that has become torn after piercing or after using large gauge earlobe piercing in the past.  The dermatologic surgeon uses local anesthesia to remove the damaged skin and earlobe tissue, reconstructing the earlobe so it has a more natural appearance. While you can have the earlobe pierced again, it is recommended to pierce an area that is not scarred after surgery and to avoid heavy or large earrings in the future.

Can a ripped earlobe be repaired?

Ripped earlobes can be repaired in under an hour using local anesthesia.  The areas between the split will have a tiny piece of skin removed. The earlobe tissue is sutured back together so the earlobe rip can heal completely with a natural appearance.

Is earlobe repair covered by insurance?

Earlobe repair surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure so it generally isn’t covered by health insurance.  The cost is modest, however, at less than $500 for a simple repair and about $600 for the repair of an earlobe that has been damaged by large-bore gauging. Schedule a consultation today with Kindred hair and skin center.

How long does earlobe repair take to heal?

After the procedure, you will have stitches that are removed about a week later.  The area is considered completely healed by about four to eight weeks after surgery.  You can get your ears re-pierced after that time.

Will a split earlobe repair itself?

Unfortunately, most split earlobes do not repair themselves.  Once the earlobe rips, the lower part of the damaged lobe will form skin and scar tissue around itself so the earlobe continues to be split unless it is successfully repaired.


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