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How to select a Dermatologist in Columbia MD Q&A

What are the types of dermatologists that you get?

There are four general categories of dermatologists that you would find in Columbia MD; the goal is to help patients make more informed decisions on their choices. Dermatology as a field covers many areas and you want to ensure that the practice and physician of your choice has a strong level of competence with your specific need.

You should be aware of these differences when looking for an MD who practices dermatology in Columbia. Some of the types of dermatology are listed below:

  • General dermatologist – does most of the necessary procedures and works with a range of patients of different ages who have different complaints. This is the specialist that most patients are likely to consult with or be referred to. These doctors diagnose and treat problems of the skin and perform a variety of dermatology procedures on various patients.
  • Pediatric dermatologist – a specialist who focuses on problems and procedures related to the skin of children, for instance, dealing with birthmarks, psoriasis, or eczema in children.
  • Cosmetic dermatologist – the focus is on cosmetic techniques such as Botox injections and sometimes also face lifts. They focus on using various methods to help restore skin to its youthful appearance and also help people who have scars due to acne or other skin defects that need to be corrected.
  • Dermatopathologist – is a specialist who is concerned with diseases of the skin; these are specialists who examine tissues using a microscope and would be involved in say, examining skin cells to see if cancer is present. The general public may not come into contact with a dermatopathologist, but they play an important role in diagnosis of diseases related to the skin.

What credentials should you look for in selecting a dermatologist?

Your first question besides “How do I find a skin doctor near me? “, should probably be “What credentials should the doctor have?“ When looking for a dermatologist in Maryland you should make sure to look at the credentials that the specialist has. One of the key qualifications besides the usual medical degree qualification would be residency in dermatology. In addition the doctor should be board certified in dermatology. In particular, the dermatologist should be in possession of a current, up-to-date board certification from the American Academy of Dermatology. Such credentials mean that the doctor also knows about current procedures and techniques within the field of dermatology, which is important.

What procedures should a reputable dermatologist be able to do?

If a dermatologist in Columbia is reputable, then they should be familiar with some of the commonly performed procedures that need to be done and that are done often. A general dermatologist should certainly be able to perform a skin biopsy in which a sample is taken to be examined for signs of cancer and be able to perform an excision (cutting out) to remove a growth from the skin.

How do you know if you have a reputable dermatologist?

A reputable dermatologist should have performed a number of procedures and dealt with many patients. In general, a popular dermatologist is often a good doctor because it means that patients like them and they have a good reputation, and thus they have many patients. The Columbia dermatologist should also have good reviews and recommendations.

What are other factors to consider to ensure a dermatologist is highly regarded?

A stellar dermatologist will also have a reputation among other dermatologists by being a leader within other medical groups e.g. Chairmanship, Board Member etc. Dermatologists in the Baltimore, Washington D.C., Elkridge and Columbia MD area have a number of associations which a dermatologist should be a part of.

Affiliation with a Major hospital or Medical School is also a strong affirmation of a physician as it reflects that the physician is well exposed to continual learning and research of new procedures and treatments. Examples of good institutions not far from the Howard county area are Johns Hopkins, Georgetown Medical School, Howard Medical School.

How should you prepare for your first appointment with a dermatologist?

You should make sure to take all your medications with to your appointment along with your health insurance card. You need to make sure to arrive early enough so that you can have time to fill in any needed paperwork. It is important that the dermatologist has all your details including your past medical history and any past surgeries or procedures. They will also want a list of any allergies you may have. This is all important information that the specialist needs to make sure that they can treat you properly and safely. You should discuss any concerns you have with your dermatologist regarding skin issues. It is also a smart idea to write down what you want to discuss with the doctor and also make time to listen carefully to what they tell you.

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Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

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Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

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