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Managing autoimmune skin disorders such as vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia areata, mycosis fungoides, and atopic dermatitis can be difficult. But, the light at the end of the treatment tunnel is now brighter than ever with the revolutionary Exciplex, a new medical dermatology treatment

Why Choose Exciplex Light Therapy for Autoimmune Skin Disorders / Disease?

This therapy safely reactivates your body’s natural immunosuppressive mechanisms with UVB light to effectively control the immune response. 

The process doesn’t involve any ablation, incisions, or laser procedures, ensuring pain-free treatments. It’s a quick, high-powered yet low-cost option for those seeking to reverse the effects of autoimmune conditions affecting the skin.

Does UVB Therapy Have Any Known Side Effects?

Side effects from Exciplex are generally minimal. The majority of patients report no side effects whatsoever. In a few cases, some individuals have described experiencing mild and brief redness in the treatment area. Severe side effects like blistering are rare and do not last long.

Will I Need More Than One Exciplex Procedure for Great Results?

Yes, it’s likely you’ll need multiple sessions. Many patients experience substantial symptom improvement following 10 to 12 treatments. The good news is this therapy can be administered up to two to three times per week. However, the treatment requires a minimum of a 48-hour gap in between. Therapy is done until you achieve symptom relief.

Are Exciplex Results Long Lasting?

Long-lasting outcomes are possible, but the effects may not be permanent. Factors like autoimmune diseases, genetic predisposition, neurogenic influences, sun exposure, stress, or chemical contact can potentially induce the recurrence of skin conditions.

Am I a Good Candidate for Exciplex?

During your consultation, your provider will determine your eligibility for treatment. Exciplex is a safe treatment. That being said, it isn’t recommended for everyone. However, if you are generally healthy with photoresponsive skin conditions that do not improve with topical treatments, you’re likely a good candidate for Exciplex. 

Where Is the Best Place to Go for Sensational Results From Exciplex?

Choose Kindred Hair & Skin Center! We understand how difficult it can be to treat chronic skin disorders on your own, and we’re here to help. Contact us at 443-424-7754 to book your consultation and learn more about this revolutionary technology for healthy, clear skin!

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Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

About Us

Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

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