Acne Scars

Acne Scars in Columbia

Everyone dreads having acne, but what’s worse is the scars it can leave behind. Acne scars are caused when acne penetrates the skin and does damage to the tissue underneath. Acne scars can appear in two forms: atrophic (depressed) and hypertrophic (raised). Both can be aesthetically unpleasant. However, they are completely treatable. 

How Are Acne Scars Diagnosed?

If you’re noticing that after a breakout you have marks left behind, consulting with a dermatologist is your best option. Having this initial evaluation will help determine if the marks are actual scars and, if they are, which type of scarring has occurred. This will ensure that the proper type of acne scar treatment is being used. 

How Are Acne Scars Treated?

Acne scar treatment can come in many forms. Laser scar removal is a breakthrough procedure that is helping people reduce the unwanted blemishes. Laser technology is able to treat many different skin types to help reduce visibility of scars and improve overall pigment. 

Acne scars can also be treated with a HydraFacial MD. The process of a HydraFacial MD is simple and only takes three steps. First, a gentle exfoliant is used to resurface the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of depressed acne scars. 

The next step is extractraction, which can help reduce the visibility of raised acne scars. Finally, peptides and antioxidants are added to the skin to help create a barrier between the skin and the outside world and nourish skin cells, further improving your appearance. 

Where Can I Get the Latest in Treatment for Acne Scars in Columbia?

Make your acne scars an issue of the past! Let us help refresh and resurface your skin, restoring your once blemish-free appearance! Contact us today at (443) 424-7754 to schedule a consultation with skilled dermatologist and acne scar specialist, Dr. Chesahna Kindred. Dr. Kindred enjoys empowering her patients through beautifying treatments such as HydraFacial MD and lasers, and it shows in the results she achieves!

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