Keloids in Columbia

Keloids are created when excess scar tissue forms to cover a wound and creates a hard growth. The body has overproduced collagen during the natural healing process. Keloids, or keloid scars, are typically seen after the injury has healed and can be lumpy, ridged, or smooth. 

Typically, these scars are smooth and feel like a ball. While keloids are not hazardous to your health and do not require your immediate attention, they can be aesthetically unpleasing. 

How Are Keloids Diagnosed?

Keloids are easy to diagnose, because they are typically easy to spot. While they may be confused with hypertrophic scars, keloids are raised and hypertrophic scars are not. A dermatologist can look at and feel your area of concern to identify whether it’s a regular scar, a hypertrophic scar, or a keloid. A biopsy may also be done to make sure that it’s a keloid and not something more serious that needs to be addressed. 

How Are Keloids Treated?

There are many types of keloid treatments, and the type that works for you will vary based on the size, location, and age of your keloid. Application of any type of keloid treatment must be done in a medical facility as it needs to be done carefully to prevent further scarring. 

Treatments for keloids are also needed frequently, and typically take at least three months to be effective. Laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the world of scar treatment, as it is extremely effective and can be combined with other treatments, including pressure therapy and corticosteroid injections. 

What Doctor Should I See for Keloid Scar Removal in Columbia?

If you’ve noticed that a recent wound has begun to form a keloid, or you believe you have keloids that you didn’t know how to treat, seek a dermatologist. Here at Kindred Hair & Skin Center, we’re happy to help! Contact us today at (443) 424-7754 to book a consultation with Dr. Kindred, skilled skincare specialist offering the latest in keloid scar treatments!

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