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Medical Ear Piercing in Columbia

Mall kiosks and jewelry stores may seem convenient locations to have your ears pierced. However, the risk of complications is higher, and the healing process could take longer. Whether you want to have your own ears pierced, or are considering it for your child, medical ear piercing is the best option.

What Exactly Is Medical Ear Piercing?

Medical ear piercing is performed with single-use instruments that come out of sterile packaging, as well as hypoallergenic earrings. This helps reduce the risk of infection, versus a piercing gun that is only disinfected in between uses on multiple people. Medical ear piercing, just as it sounds, is done in a clinical setting. 

What Are the Benefits of Medical Piercing?

There are many benefits to medical ear piercing, including the reduced risk of allergic reaction and infection. Also, medical ear piercings are done by professionals who have received extensive training in anatomy. 

Having ears pierced by a licensed healthcare professional can also help treat certain conditions. For example, the daith piercing can be used to help treat individuals who suffer from chronic migraine. These piercings cannot be done with a piercing gun and should only be performed by someone with a medical background. 

Does Medical Ear Piercing Hurt?

You may experience slight discomfort during the procedure. The piercing typically hurts less when performed by a doctor with the right tools, including the disposable cartridge. 

Where Should I Go for Medical Ear Piercing?

If you’ve decided that a piercing is the route you’re going to take, whether for you or someone close to you, medical ear piercing is definitely the way to go. Contact us today at (443) 424-7754 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chesahna Kindred at Kindred Hair & Skin Center for safer, healthier piercings for patients of all ages!

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