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Most people don’t have just one issue with their skin but rather have multiple. Whether you suffer from different types of acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or have scars from past skin issues, revolutionary Aerolase laser treatments can brighten, tighten, and restore your skin.

Why Choose Aerolase Laser Treatments for Acne and Other Skin Conditions?

Aerolase is a medical-grade laser that provides one of the most advanced laser treatments for common and hard-to-control skin issues like cystic acne, skin laxity, melasma, psoriasis, and even spider veins and drooping eyelids. Aerolase causes your body to kick collagen production into high gear on the treated area, which works miracles on your complexion.

What Does Aerolase Feel Like? Does It Hurt?

The treatment is quick and virtually painless, and there is no recovery time. No numbing cream is even necessary. The length of your treatment depends on the condition of your skin, but most sessions are no longer than 60 minutes. A specialist uses a wand to make quick passes over your skin. You may feel tenderness right after your procedure, but it doesn’t last long.

When Can I See Aerolase Results?

You see results almost immediately after your first session. It only takes about four sessions to experience maximum results. After that, you only need a few maintenance sessions to address any new breakouts.

Am I a Good Candidate for Aerolase?

Aerolase is a great treatment for most people of any age or skin type. The only way to know if this treatment is right for you is by booking a consultation with a skincare specialist, or dermatologist.

Are Ready to Experience Sensational Aerolase Laser Treatments for Yourself to Kick Acne or Other Imperfections to the Curb?

We have Aerolase at Kindred Hair & Skin Center! Come see how this cutting-edge laser treatment can help with a host of issues. Our experts know just how to customize this laser treatment to address your individual skin needs. Contact us today at (443) 424-7754 to talk to our team about Aerolase.

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