What to Look for in a NeoGraft Provider for the Best Hair Loss Results in Columbia, Maryland

Losing your hair is scary and stressful, but seeking help for hair loss shouldn’t be.

Here are four tips for choosing a NeoGraft provider for the best hair loss results in Columbia, Maryland!

  • If They’re Not Board Certified, Then They’re Not for You

Any licensed medical professional can legally perform NeoGraft, but that doesn’t mean they should. Search for a board-certified professional with plenty of experience in your desired hair transplant method, be it FUE or FUT.

Your health, and your confidence, are at stake. Your hair loss doctor should be able to honor your individual needs, provide proof of experience, and answer all questions clearly.

  • Pay Attention to Reviews and Photos

This means researchinh testimonials, finding patient photos and reviews that mirror the experience you’d like to have, getting a good look at the office in images, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask around for real-patient experiences with a specific provider.

  • Questions Are Key

You can research what to look for in a provider, but at the end of the day, asking these providers questions is the best research of all. Ask about their experiences with performing NeoGraft, how many of their patients have had success, their personal approach to each hair loss case, and anything else you’d like to now.

  • The Team Says It All

Your provider’s team, and their office itself, will give you a good idea of their professionalism and how friendly they are. Their office should be clean and their team personable and organized. Your experience as a whole matters, and quality service means quality results.

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