Here’s How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Timonium, Maryland & What to Expect

Hair loss can be a significant source of stress. When you don’t know the cause, it causes worry. Losing hair can also be a hit to your self-confidence. So, what’s the solution?

For many a minimally invasive hair transplant is the answer. Yes, it’s a bit more complex than treatments you can buy online, but with help from the best hair transplant doctor in Timonium, Maryland, you’ll be able to enjoy your final outcome for years.

What Steps Should I Take to Find the Best Hair Transplant Doctor?

The process isn’t difficult, but it is one you should take your time with. While it might be tempting to settle for the first one you find during an Internet search, don’t. Never settle!

If you want amazing hair transplant results, you need to put a little work into your search. You can begin by asking people you trust who have had a hair transplant about their experiences. Who do they recommend?

You might also consider asking your primary care provider if they can provide the name of a skilled transplant surgeon. The best hair transplant doctor is typically a dermatologist, and your regular doctor might have an inside track on the most experienced and qualified dermatology specialist in your area.

Once you have some names, do your own background check. Look into their education, training, and experience. Make sure they are a board-certified dermatologist. Always verify their credentials.

Head over to the website of each provider when searching for the best hair transplant doctor in Timonium, Maryland, and look for their gallery of before / after photos. This will give you an idea of their quality of work. You should take the time to read patient testimonials too, which are usually found in the About section. Also visit third-party sites with verified patient reviews for more information.

Once you’ve made a decision, schedule a hair transplant consultation. Keep in mind, this meeting does not mean you are obligated to choose this particular doctor. If you’re not comfortable, it’s okay to keep looking.

What Should I Expect During a Hair Transplant Consultationation?

Your hair transplant consultation is mostly about gathering facts. The doctor will need information about your medical history including any health conditions that might make a hair transplant risky, dates of past surgeries, and names / doses of medications you are taking.

A hair transplant doctor will also need to assess your hair loss. It needs to be determined the type of hair loss you have and if there is a pattern. Don’t be surprised if you need bloodwork or additional testing.

Go prepared to share, and take note of important details. Once the hair transplant doctor has all the info they need, they will share with you what to expect during a hair transplant, how to prepare for treatment, risks / side effects, and recovery. If you have questions, now is a great time to ask.

What Are My Hair Transplant Options?

Currently, there are two types of surgical hair restoration methods – FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). While FUT has been around the longest, patients tend to prefer the FUE technique because it yields the most natural looking results.

You might’ve heard that the FUE method does require more time in a hair transplant doctor’s office, and that’s true. However, with systems like NeoGraft, it’s also a seamless and virtually pain-free experience. There is also no linear scarring, and recovery time is faster than with a FUT hair transplant.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

During FUE hair restoration, surgery can last anywhere from four to eight hours. This does seem like a long time, but you’ll be comfortable so there is no need to worry.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Recovery Take and How Long Will My Results Last?

An FUE hair transplant involves harvesting individual hair follicles and then transplanting them in areas of need. It is minimally invasive but still considered surgery, so it does take time to heal. How quickly you can resume normal activities depends on the complexity of your procedure.

It can take up to six months to fully heal after an FUE hair transplant. Recovery happens in stages, so be sure to follow all instructions for every stage to ensure stable and amazing results.

You will begin to see some results within six months of your hair transplant. Your final outcome should be visible within a year. You’ll have hair that can be cut, styled, or dyed any way you want!

A transplant does not stop normal biological hair loss. If your hair begins to thin over time, your former pattern of baldness will not return. So, while you can enjoy your FUE transplant results for years, it’s not uncommon for patients to return for future transplants.

You Can End Your Search for the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Timonium, Maryland by Calling Kindred Hair & Skin!

Our team led by reputable hair transplant surgeon Dr. Chesahna Kindred believes every patient deserves the high-quality care it takes to achieve healthy hair and skin.

With her years of experience as a board-certified dermatologist and her skill as a hair transplant doctor, Dr. Kindred will deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us today at 443-424-7754 to book your consultation. It’s time you learn more about our state-of-the-art hair restoration methods so you can reclaim your life and your confidence. Let’s begin your journey to beautiful, healthy hair today!

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Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

About Us

Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

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