Suffering From Female Pattern Baldness? The Best Hair Loss Specialist in Maryland Can Help!

Studies have shown that over half of women suffer from some hair loss in their lifetime, especially female pattern baldness. But, don’t worry!

The best hair loss specialist in Maryland is here to help rejuvenate your scalp and regrow your hair. And, all without invasive methods such as surgery.

So, What’s the Deal With My Hair Thinning?

Female pattern baldness, better known as female pattern hair loss (FPHL), is a genetic condition that affects millions of women. It usually starts in middle age and gets worse over time.

You might notice your part widening, the hair near your temples receding, and your ponytail getting much thinner. Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing, it’s no fun.

Tell Me Why Over-the-Counter Products Won’t Work!

You can get short-term results with products from the store, but as soon as you stop using them, your hair thins again.

This is because they only address the very surface of your scalp, instead of rejuvenating it ato the very root and capillaries that support your hair follicle.

Can the Best Hair Loss Specialist in Maryland Help My Hair Loss?

Yes, absolutely! If you schedule a hair loss consultation with an expert dermatologist as soon as you see signs of FPHL, you have a high chance of reviving your luscious locks.

In fact, you can get incredible results in hair restoration without surgery. Treatments like PRP and laser therapy such as Aerolase are the latest ways a dermatologist can help with hair loss.

Kindred Hair & Skin Center Is Here to Save Your Hair!

We have the best hair loss specialist in Maryland, Dr. Chesahna Kindred, as well as the latest treatments in hair restoration. Find out how you can treat female pattern hair loss with zero downtime.

Get your hair back by calling Kindred Hair & Skin Center today at 443-424-7754 to schedule a consultation. Be sure to ask us about other hair loss methods such as supplements, too!

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