Unfortunately, hair loss is a condition that does not discriminate. There are many potential causes, and it can affect both men and women of any age.

Whether you are interested in a thorough cleansing to stimulate your scalp growth or a hair transplant for a fuller, healthier head of hair, you need to find the top hair loss doctor in Maryland for amazing results. 

How Do I Know It’s Time to See a Hair Loss Doctor?

Hair loss is often a natural part of aging but can also be due to an underlying health condition, certain medications, or hormonal imbalances. 

Hair loss has symptoms that can include gradual thinning, a receding hairline, bald patches, excessive shedding during washing or combing, and noticeable hair accumulation on pillows or in drains. Scalp tenderness, itching, or skin changes that accompany thinning hair need medical attention as soon as possible. 

Here Is an Overview of Popular Hair Loss Treatments

Before you schedule an appointment with a reputable hair loss doctor, you should have some understanding of available options. Based on your unique needs, we may recommend one or more of the following options:

  • Natural supplements: Viviscal PRO Advanced Hair Health and Nutrafol have both been clinically proven effective. They contain various nutrients and vitamins that encourage healthy hair growth and in some cases stop thinning. 
  • Deep cleansing + growth factors: This is a painless and non-invasive treatment that involves deeply cleaning the scalp and the application of a serum infused with peptides to stimulate hair follicles.
  • PRFM (platelet-rich plasma + fibrin matrix): A derivative of your blood, this is a more concentrated platelet solution that is injected into your scalp using a microneedle. It has proven to be quite effective at producing new hair growth.
  • Laser therapy + growth factors: Suitable for patients with androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness), low-level laser therapy works at the cellular level to improve blood circulation in the scalp. It is combined with important growth factors to strengthen follicles.
  • Scalp micropigmentation: A cosmetic procedure that involves depositing tiny pigment dots on the scalp which replicate the look of shaved hair follicles. While not a hair growth method, this technique creates the illusion of fuller hair. 
  • Hair transplant: This is a surgical hair restoration method that uses cutting-edge technology to perform follicular unit extraction or FUE. The surgeon extracts individual hair follicles from a donor site (usually the sides or back of the head) and implants them into balding areas. It provides natural-looking results and has a shorter recovery period compared to other transplant methods.

How Do I Find a Highly Qualified Doctor?

It takes some research and careful consideration before making a final decision. Follow these four steps to the top hair loss doctor in Maryland if you want customized treatment and fantastic results:

  • Speak to people you trust. Do you know someone who has had a positive experience? If so, ask them to tell you about it. The best hair loss doctor is a dermatologist, so consider asking your primary care provider for a referral to qualified hair loss dermatologists in your area. 
  • Do your homework. It is a good idea to gather a short list of potential doctors who specialize in thinning hair. Once you have that list, look into their education, training, board certification, and specialized certifications. 

When considering a hair transplant, it’s crucial to inquire about the technology they use and the training they have completed. Find out if they stay current on studies and medical educational resources. 

  • Read feedback. Check websites and social media pages for testimonials. Pay close attention to comments for insights from other patients. Additionally, you can read verified patient reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp to gauge patient satisfaction.
  • Schedule consultations. Many patients find it helpful to meet with more than one doctor before making a decision. A lot happens during this meeting, and it provides you with an excellent opportunity to assess their communication style and approach to treatment. 

It is also the perfect time to ask questions and take a look at before/after photos. Pay close attention to photos of the restoration methods you are interested in so you can see the quality of a doctor’s work.

How Does the Top Hair Loss Doctor In Maryland Decide Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

This is another valuable reason for a consultation.

During this initial visit, they evaluate your medical history and assess your condition. They may recommend diagnostic tests like dermoscopy and bloodwork to diagnose the cause of hair loss. A comprehensive scalp examination follows, so wear your hair loose and make sure your scalp is easily accessible. 

Based on the medical information you provide and results from diagnostic testing, your doctor will develop a tailored treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and hair restoration goals.

Your Search for Healthy New Hair Growth Ends When You Make THIS Call!

Yes, your search is over, but your exciting journey is just beginning at Kindred Hair & Skin Center!

Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Chesahna Kindred specializes in hair transplants and other safe and effective restoration methods. She truly understands the challenges of hair loss, and along with our team, approaches treatment with compassion and respect. 

Call us at 443-424-7754 to schedule your consultation. Let’s join together to create a personalized treatment plan for a healthy head of hair that you can cut, style, and color as you desire. We look forward to working with you!

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Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

About Us

Welcome to our practice. I believe each and everyone deserves beautiful skin and hair which is what I strive to do for all my patients.

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